Getting Started

Welcome to Violet!

We believe developers are the retailers of the future. We've put together this collection of resources to get you up and running as a developer on Violet.


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What is Violet?

Violet is the layer that connects merchants looking for new distribution channels with the developers who are building them. Traditionally if a developer wanted to add native e-commerce to their app they would be required to integrate with all of the e-commerce platforms their desired merchants were on. Violet solves this problem. We perform the heavy lifting by integrating with all of the major and longtail e-commerce platforms and normalize that data into a single schema. This means that with Violet you will only ever need to integrate with a single API. Best of all, the Violet API is headless. This means you can add a truly native checkout experience to any application you're building. There's no clickout, ever.


Be sure to check out the API Reference to learn more about using the API.

Jumpstart your intro - Grab the Postman Collection!


Remember to safeguard any sensitive API Parameters and Data used for test. Avoid making such parameters publicly available in a Public Collection visible to anyone.

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